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Hounds are known to have hunted the area around Ledbury on the Hereford and Gloucestershire borders for at least 300 years. The Ledbury Hunt as presently constituted can trace it's origin back to 1846 when according to the original minute book it was decided to set up the Hunt "on a respectable footing" and a committee was formed.

LEDBURY HUNT Your help urgently requested

To all members and subscribers



You will probably already know that in order to assist with obtaining a Conservative

victory in the General Election we have been asked by VoteOK to give assistance to the

marginal constituency of Worcester (city). This seat is seriously at risk current

polling shows Labour and Conservatives running neck and neck in Worcester with 37% each

and UKIP with 10%.


There are still 64,000 leaflets to be delivered and Worcester Conservatives are very short of helpers

our help will be crucial your help will make a real difference.

Leaflets can be collected from Worcester Conservative office at 15 Sansome Place,

Worcester WR1 1UA.

Office will be open as follows

Wednesday 23rd between 9.00am and 5.00pm

Saturday 25th between

10am and 10.30am

Sunday 26th between

10am and 10,30am

Alternatively if you phone, text or email me before 8.00pm on Tuesday evening I will

collect leaflets from Worcester on Wednesday for you and have them available at the

Kennels on Thursday morning by 10am for you to pick up from there. You can then

deliver them at a time and on a day that suits you best.

So there can be no excuse for anyone not helping or sending someone to Worcester on their behalf !

The importance of keeping Edward Milliband out of 10 Downing Street cannot be over

emphasised. A Labour Government could easily amend the Hunting Act and make it

impossible for us to carry on in the way we have managed since the Ban came into

place. Hunting as we know it would be gone forever and the Ledbury Hunt would be


Do you want to help to stop this happening?

Donald Haden

Ledbury Hunt VoteOK representative. 20 April 2015

01531 890 344. 0777 589 1367. email donald@donaldhaden.com

All hunting activity is conducted within the law.

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