Ledbury Puppy Show - Tuesday 27 June 2017

Posted by taniatt on July 3, 2017

A Wonderful way to Spend the Afternoon

The Ledbury Hunt Annual Puppy Show - Tuesday 27 June 2017



Despite the forecast of bad weather we were lucky to have a fine if rather overcast afternoon.

Watched by a larger than normal attendance of members and visitors, our young hounds were judged by

Ryan Mania MFH (Berwickshire) and Mr Patrick Martin.



The results were as follows


Class 1

Dog hounds

1.Benson walked by Master S Brown

2.Bentley walked by Master S Brown

3.Samson walked by Mr D Guilding


Class 2


1. Banter walked by Miss V Hallas

2. Gossip walked by Miss L Clarke

3. Gladice walked by Miss F Philipson-Stow


Class 3

Dog hounds

1. Crusader  walked by Miss D Williams

2. Coconut  walked by Mrs M Price

3. Poldark walked in Kennels


Class 4


1. Policy  walked in Kennels

2. Polly  walked in Kennels

3. Popcorn walked in Kennels



The Nimrod Champion Memorial Trophy was presented to Master Sam Brown who walked Benson - the Best

Young Hound (Champion).


The Holt-Needham Bowl was presented to Miss V Hallas who walked Banter - the Best Young Hound (Reserve



The Mrs Ian Bullough Cup will be presented to Mrs W Sharpley who walked Palmer - the Best Working Dog

Hound entered in 2016.



The Captain H A Clive Silver Tray was presented to Mr Donald Haden who walked Gooseberry - the Best

Working Bitch entered in 2016.



The Hound Sponsors Silver Tankard was won by Su and Richard Simkin who sponsored Glory - the Best

Working Hound (selected from the whole pack)



The Philip Warner Memorial Trophy was presented to Miss Amanda Soar the walker of the longest walked

puppies in 2016/17 - Glasgow and Gleeman.



Policy was judged to be the best young hound from classes 3 and 4 and The H A Clive Hound Trophy was

presented to Mrs M Price.



Policy was also judged to be the best young hound from classes 1 and 4 and a case of wine was presented to Mrs

M Price



A cheque for £1200 was presented to the Hunt Secretary by Donald Haden representing money received from

Hound sponsors this last season. There was then a draw of the names of all the hounds that have been sponsored

with Mrs Valerie Dawe receiving the prize of £100.



After a wonderful tea our huntsman Mark Melladay brought all the hounds out for us to see and everyone agreed

how well they looked and that this had been a very successful day with great credit due to our Joint Masters, Hunt

Staff and all concerned with making the arrangements.


DPH 27.06.17

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